Autopilot Upgrade: Pixhawk > E6

Autopilot Upgrade: Pixhawk > E6

Are you interested in upgrading your UAV to the newest autopilot and features? Read on to learn about these benefits and features: 

As you know, technology evolves very quickly - and HSE / TTA-AMERICA is committed to making sure you always have the best available. Developing, integrating and testing a new autopilot is serious business and for the most part - really cool! And, you should know that when we release something, we've done the research and work in the background so you can feel confident and comfortable flying the aircraft. 
The down-side of being an owner of a cutting-edge drone like ours, is that sometimes - the upgrades might come out right after you purchased yours! The tricky thing for us is always finding the balance between keeping the best tech in your hands while not overwhelming you with cost or training... so these upgrades can be done at any time that you'd like. We'll work with you to help you get acquainted with the new system. 

Benefits of converting from the Pixhawk (PH21) to the E6 Flight Controller: 

  1. Full Spray Pump Automation: this means that the autopilot controls turning on and off the spray pump based on the mission and flight speed! You can set the minimum and maximum flow-rate for your chemical and the autopilot will control the pump based on the speed you are flying. You can also operate the pump manually at the push of a button. 
  2. Flow Rate & Automatic Resume: how much spray is left? You now have a flow rate sensor! When calibrated, the sensor predicts how much is left in the tank based on how much was added and how much has passed through - so you'll know real-time flow rates and level. What happens when the tank is empty? You can tell your drone if you want it to just stop and hover, or if you want it to return to home and land. Either way, with the flip of a few switches, you can save the exact spot you left off and the drone will automatically resume (once the tank is full), and fly back to that exact place, turn on the pump, and keep going on its mission! Cool huh!
  3. Mission Planning built for Spraying: the entire Ground Station app is designed for spraying! Woohoo! That means you can outline your field, set your swath (based on aircraft, height and speed... we've got the data), and the software builds out the rest! You can add obstacles in the middle of the field and set the buffer distances between obstacles or the ends of the field. What about wind changes? No problem - you can just spin the flight path around so the aircraft heading is with the wind. 
  4. A-B Flight Mode: this is a new super-simple flight mode. Simply fly the drone to the first corner of the field and flip a switch on the controller to log that as point A. Then fly to the other side of the field and record that as point B with the same switch. Then, push the RC stick to the left or right, and the drone will automatically 'slide' over that direction and fly to the opposite end, slide over again and fly back to the other end of the field again... it will keep doing this until you interrupt it or until it is out of spray. You can extend or shorten either end of the field during flight. This is a great feature for smaller and simpler fields without needing to use the mission planning. 
  5. Streamlined remote: the new remote controller is smaller, increased weather proofing and offers integrated Live Video Feed with the on-board camera system. The remote control and application can provide spoken alerts if desired. 

Promotions for people who purchased within the last 6 months:

  1. Did you recently buy your drone and are hoping to upgrade to the latest autopilot? If you purchased within the last 6 months, we will help reduce the upgrade costs by purchasing your old system back from you. The discount/credit is: $1200 but is based on condition of your accessories and everything being in "good" condition. Please follow the steps below 'what we'll need from you' and also send: 
    1. Remote Controller & Charging Cable
    2. Ground Station Software or Tablet & Charging Cable
    3. Ground Station Communication Device / Cables
    4. LiDAR (terrain sensor) if equipped

Requirements for the upgrade:

  1. This upgrade must be done by a licensed service center. HSE's office is in Orlando, FL. 
  2. You can ship the entire drone or just the fuselage (more about this in a moment)
  3. Generally, the upgrade time is about 2-3 weeks and includes the removal of your old system, installation, wiring, programming and testing of the new system!
  4. The new Ground Station App runs on Android only. We suggest the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8"). You can choose a different tablet but it should be 8" or less to fit in the tablet holder and must run on Android. Think about great battery life and high screen brightness.

What we'll need from you: 

  1. First, talk to your Sales Advisor for a quote
  2. You can ship us the entire drone, or remove the arms and landing gear and simply ship the fuselage back to us. If you choose to do the latter, you will need to safely pack the fuselage, and upon the drone's return to you - you'll need to install the included flow-meter around the tank outlet (easy), and depending on your aircraft, you might need to plug back in the LED Navigation lights (also easy). Reinstall the motors in the correct position and then perform your calibration. 
  3. Upon receipt, you will need to calibrate the IMU and Magnetic Compass BEFORE flying. The instructions can be found in the Knowledge Base or Owner's Manual. 
  4. We also suggest that you either attend an updated training class or review one of our instructional videos (coming soon). 

Where to Send:

Prior to shipping your drone, please ensure you have an Invoice or RMA number and reference it on the Shipping Label.

Re: (insert RMA/Invoice number)
122 Live Oaks Blvd
Casselberry, FL 32707
(309) 361-7656

You must always consult the Pre Flight Checklists, Operations Manual(s) and local laws/rules. 

With any new system or software, we highly suggest planning your missions with care and ensuring that, while you are still learning, each flight plan is correct and you are ready to halt the drone at any moment if you made an error in the planning; the drones flight is always the responsibility of the pilot. 


  1. Chat with us online ( bottom right corner; during business hours
  2. Contact your Sales Advisor 
  3. Contact Support 
  4. Search the Knowledge Base via the Customer Portal

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