E6 Agriculture Sprayer - Ground Station App

E6 Agriculture Sprayer - Ground Station App

Welcome! This content applies to our agriculture spraying drones with the E6 Autopilot (model years 2017-2019)

If you are unsure of your particular autopilot, please contact us. 
This application works with Android operating systems. HSE suggests the Samsung Galaxy Tablets (8") for their bright screens, long battery life and fast processing. We suggest choosing a white or silver color as it helps prevent overheating in the sun.

Installing the Ground Station app: 

First, you'll need to download the application to your Android Tablet where it will be installed. You can do this by visiting this page on the tablet, or by downloading to another device and emailing or sending to the tablet. 
1) Download the latest App HERE
2) Unzip / Unpack the Zip file to the tablet by clicking on the downloaded Zip file 
      Note: you might see multiple files with checkboxes next to them. Check both of those boxes and then click "Unzip" in the top right corner
3) Look for the TTA Application called "E6 Android Metric & US units 2.4.6-stable.apk", click that
4) Your device might say that it has blocked installations from unknown sources (since this app is not on the Google Play Store). Click "Settings", "OK to install" etc.
      Note: the settings page might appear next, look for the section that says "unknown sources" and turn that feature on, click "ok"
5) Now, click "Install." Once installed, click "Open"
6) Once installed, the tablet might ask permission if TTA app can access this device's location. Click "Allow" to provide the required system accesses for the app.
      Note: declining app access will result in the app not working correctly. 

Setting up the Ground Station App:

At the Login screen, click "No Log In", and the map will load.
Next, you'll need to select the correct map type, follow these steps:
      a. click on the three lines in the top right corner of the app to access the settings area
      b. on the left side, scroll down to the bottom until you see three dots - click that, you will now be at the "about" menu
      c. about half way down, you will see "Map Type", choose the drop down and the map for your region. I.e., Google for Domestic and INTL (except China and Taiwan)
IMPORTANT: the option below says "coordinates", this must be turned on for all customers outside of China. Failing to do this will result in a GPS inaccuracy and can lead to a crash.
      d. If desired, scroll down and click the "US Unit" option to convert from metric to U.S. standards. (Note: there is a known software bug where metric measurements are shown when creating a polygon, we are working on this) 
      e. Click on the Home icon in the top right corner to return to the app. Close the app by hitting the 'window' button on the device and swiping the app off the screen. Open it again to load the new map. Confirm your physical location is shown on the screen. 

Connecting the App and Drone:

These steps might vary slightly depending on your tablet
1) Power on the RC
2) If this is the first time you've used this tablet at drone together, you'll need to pair the Tablet and RC by bluetooth:
  1. Open the settings of the tablet by dragging down from the top of the screen, and clicking the gear icon (usually top right of this menu)
  2. Go to "Connections" or "Connected Devices" (usually listed at the top of this menu, scroll up if needed; make sure Bluetooth is turned on.
  3. Click on "Bluetooth" or "Pair New Device"
  4. Look for the RC's bluetooth in the "available devices" and click "Pair" or "Connect", the password is 1234.
Next, we'll connect the app and drone. 

To connect to the drone ensure the aircraft and controller are ON, then select the “antenna” icon.

Then select “Bluetooth” for connection type. Finally, select the correct Bluetooth device.

Once connected, you should see "live" data, and the drone's status, GPS, battery etc at the top of the screen. 

Using the Ground Station App:

Be sure to perform a magnetic compass calibration, and all pre-flight instructions before you fly!


Installing the Live Video (FPV) app: 

If your aircraft is equipped with the Live Video Camera kit, you will need to install the streaming application on your tablet. Click on the "Attachments" part of this article, and download the SkyDroid app to your tablet and install it; for it to work properly, you will need to grant the permissions requested. 

Setting up the FPV App:

The Ground Station app uses Bluetooth to connect the RC and Tablet, but the FPV uses a USB connection to transmit the video. Take the supplied full-sized USB cable and plug it into the RC. Then, plug the other end into your table (it could be micro USB or USB-C depending on the tablet you're using). Once connected, the tablet will likely ask you "Which app do you want to use this connection with" (or something similar), click "SkyDroid" app... if it gives you the option- you might select the box that says "remember my choice", etc. 
Next, open the SkyDroid app and as long as the drone and RC are powered on, you'll begin to see live video! 

Using the FPV App:

Once your FPV and Ground Station apps are running and connected, you'll see an option in the bottom right corner of the FPV where you can minimize or overlay that video feed on top of the Ground Station app - that allows you to see the video while you have your Ground Station app. 

How do you turn on or off the camera lights?

Use the SkyDroid app to do this.

Want to capture videos or still images?

Sure! Use the SkyDroid app to capture stills or videos - they're saved right to the tablet!
When you want to review these videos or pics, use the app on the table called File Manager, and then look for "FUAV" and the sub-folder called "Videos" has both your videos and still photos there. 


App keeps crashing

      This can be caused by a corrupt installation or map file. We suggest you uninstall the app (long press on the app icon, and click "uninstall"), and then follow the link and steps above to reinstall. If you are still having trouble, contact us and include screen shots so we can diagnose. 

Map or Drone location seems off

      This is caused by using the wrong map or not having the coordinate corrections option turned on. Please review the app installation instructions above to correct this. 

I am getting an error message

      Please take a screen shot and send to us in a ticket support@hse-uav.com If there are multiple errors, please send us a pic of each of them in order they appear. 

We are building awesome virtual operating guides with videos and FAQ's, check back for more! In the meantime, if you need help using the app, please contact us. 


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