HSE Warranty Terms

HSE Warranty Terms


Inside our commitment to a great customer experience, we want you to understand how your warranty works and how to best protect your investment! If you have any questions, please contact your sales advisor. 

Here are some general things to note, but please read the full terms for context and exclusions

1) Operators must be properly trained by HSE in order to receive warranty coverage on most items. We highly encourage you attend training prior to operating your equipment. 

2) Due to the nature of the equipment and possibility of pilot error, our warranty generally does not cover in-flight issues or damage. 

3) Flight Logs are always required for warranty consideration - please review the Support Article for instructions. 

4) Unauthorized modifications, firmware updates, software / app updates and any damage resulting is not covered by your warranty. Please do not perform any updates unless instructed by us.  

The Warranty Terms are attached here. 

 Thank you for being our customer! 

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